Wednesday, April 11, 2012

OMG delicious chicken!

I don't know if this is strictly a  meibutsu, but it was definitely omiyage. A very kind visitor brought us Hinepon chicken from Kobe. Hinepon is a restaurant in Kobe's Nishi-ku, specialising in the MOST delicious charcoal chicken.

They use hinedori, which is an older, free-range chicken - too old to lay eggs, but full of wonderful flavour. As I'm almost an old chook myself, it's nice to know we have some value. The chicken is barbecued over high grade charcoal, then sliced paper thin. You can buy it in 200g vacuum packs for 630 yen, but one pack will NOT be enough! 

All you need to so is arrange it on a plate with chopped schallots and add a drizzle of ponzu if you want. Heaven.

The restaurant looks great, if a little out-of-the way. You can also order the chicken online. Here's the website:

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