Friday, April 6, 2012


My husband had a business trip to Osaka. As a joke, I asked him to bring back some okonomiyaki, the famous local 'savoury pancake'. And he did. At Shin-Osaka station, he bought an okonomiyaki kit from Chibo, a popular okonomiyaki restaurant near Nambu. Inside, there were 2 vac-packed okonomiyaki, plus the sauce, mayo, nori and katsuoboushi, ready to go. The instructions said you could microwave them, but I think a minute in the microwave then a quick go in the non-stick frypan gave a slightly crisper, more authentic result. It was delicious! But not quite the same as making one fresh on a hotplate in some smoky little restaurant with a nama beer or two.
Here's the pack:

The inside contents, and the finished product:

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